December 1, 2009

GOP priorities, a demonstration

The Washington Moonie Times has an article about several of Obama's judicial nominees, which for some inexplicable reason includes a photo of Michael Gableman, who a three-judge panel unanimously found last month to have willfully violated* two separate provisions of the Wisconsin code of judicial conduct.

Now it seems a number of conservative Republicans in the U.S. Congress have expressed concerns over our former State Supreme Court Justice Louis B. Butler, Jr., who was a judge for 16 years but during which time was never once found by anybody to have violated any provisions of the Wisconsin code of judicial conduct.

Many thanks again, Republicans, for insulting our intelligence, and not least for characterizing the "antipathy toward Christianity" of Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Judge David F. Hamilton, whose father is a retired United Methodist minister in Indianapolis.

You all are truly scientific political geniuses.

Earlier: Jeff Sessions, defender of the Constitution.

* He may or may not be in the process of escaping responsibility through — ironically — a loophole. It yet remains to be seen.

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