December 6, 2009

Jesus made county government to punish Evil

Civil government was God's idea. The first several verses of Romans 13 tell us He established government and that people in authority are ministers of God assigned to promote good and punish evil.
From Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke's officially endorsed message to police officers at mandatory events.

Clarke also "announced that he would be making upcoming promotions to the rank of Captain and distributed written material that included a quotation from the Bible. The handouts listed the qualities a leader should look for in his inner circle — one of which was 'people of faith.'"

That's the worst of it, actually. Pat Tillman need not apply. One of these days the offensive notion that not being a "person of faith" implies a lack of other positive qualities needs to be gotten rid of.

Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff's Ass'n v. Clarke (.pdf; 14 pgs.)

A Seventh Circuit panel affirmed the federal district court,* which found that Sheriff Clarke violated the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution despite Clarke's free speech argument that he was "compelled" to admit a Christian proselytizing outfit to meetings of the police requiring mandatory attendance.

h/t Religion Clause.

* Where the plaintiff officers were awarded one dollar, the attorneys $38,687.41, a more tangible dichotomy than "good vs. evil."


blurondo said...

I remember when Sheriff Mike Wolke and others wore a plain black suit and rumpled white shirt to work everyday. The current pompous ass who holds that office continues to appear in one specially designed outfit after another at no small cost to the taxpayers, I sure. With the County budget in such straits, he should take a lesson from his predecessors.

illusory tenant said...

He had on a giant cowboy hat at the Tea Party.

Zach W. said...

And let's not forget how he had the Sheriff's Department badges redesigned during his tenure, resulting in the need for each and every sheriff's deputy to purchase a new bade (at their own expense).