December 21, 2009

P-Dendro McIlheran is deeply in love

With the "oil-soaked" Patrick J. Michaels. Swooon!

Needless to say, Patrick J. Michaels is full of it. Which is probably why he's so very much beloved by Patrick "P-Dendro" McIlheran.

And, lest anybody forgets, it took P-Dendro two weeks to determine, after careful and close review of the relevant peer-reviewed literature Wall Street Journal op-ed page, that "the decline" was not in reference to a decline in measured surface temperatures.

(Because, for one thing, those are rising.)

Two. Weeks. Following which he casually dismissed the question of whether temperatures were rising or falling as "a subtlety" he'd somehow overlooked. So, many thanks, then, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel,* for your continuing dedication to quality journalism.**

* P-Dendro McIlheran is actually a member of its editorial board. A local blogger recently alleged that the Journal-Sentinel has been a knowing party to the systematic destruction of proxy evidence for global warming by purchasing newsprint made from tree rings on which to publish ... Mr. Patrick McIlheran's "right-wing guy" views.

** They do a lot of good stuff too, but it's not anywhere near as much fun to talk about.

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