December 21, 2009

See, this is why I swear by T.J. Maxx

Authorities say Sujata Sachdeva's bills paid with allegedly embezzled Koss funds included $1.3 million in clothing from a single store in Mequon.
And that never could have happened at the Boston Store 80%-off rack either. The hell, I doubt I could pull that off at Barney's New York.

How is it even possible to spend $1.3 million on clothes in two years? I mean, without being Liberace, Imelda Marcos, or the Pope.

Anyway, no more Boris and Doris for Sujata, from the looks of it.

Michael Horne, on the other hand, will likely have an absolute field day with those invoices.


Display Name said...

But I've been told that the presence of the invisible hand and shareholders and the well-paid experience and oversight of other executives is supposed to prevent this sort of fraud.

Discount clothes? I bet the shop didn't have price tags, and they had an extra special price list, just for her.

illusory tenant said...

I think I know which store they're talking about. There's one in Brookfield as well, but its name escapes me at the moment.