December 28, 2009

Local nut-right radio host suckered by photo fake

Guess who: James T. "Hip Musings" Harris, who not coincidentally also believes there are Citgo franchises on the moons of Saturn.* "Let's win Obamacare for Ted," goes this particular hip musing. Except Ted Kennedy wasn't even married in 1956. So who cares.

The rich are different, don't you know? We proles musn't resent their alleged naked frolickings at anchor upon the Mediterranean.

Which doesn't much matter anyway, because the photo is fake.
Outstanding work by the top Charlie Sykes protégé. Bravissimo.

Harris's hip musings are reportedly entrusted access to the public airwaves by virtue of the Journal Broadcast Group's FCC licensing arrangements. If there's a more compelling argument for some reiteration of the Fairness Doctrine, it escapes me at the moment.

* Appearing at some point during the universe's 6,000-year history.


Display Name said...

Yeah, but if it feels true, it must be true.

What Would Jesus Do?

Hit 'em where it hits, James!

Zach W. said...

JTH is a toolbox.

mxp said...

I don't think there is anyone more in love with themselves than JTH.

Anonymous said...


Work on your grammar... you potatohead!

"Anyone and themselves"? What did you learn in school...mixing singular and plural. So much for the ignorant "Jim-Bob" right.

Larry and Laughing Liberal...