December 3, 2009

The company he keeps

Hope it doesn't rub off too much.
Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann will share a stage Thursday night with ex-Bush White House adviser Karl Rove, who will give a speech at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
I heard they measure Karl Rove's "approval rating" in degrees Kelvin. And I'm here to tell you that Jay Bullock will not be sharing a stage, or anything with Karl Rove, not on Thursday night, and not on any night.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Neumann really has a relationship with Rove... different eras. Probably more just taking advantage of an opportunity to address a large audience in Milwaukee County.

illusory tenant said...

just taking advantage of an opportunity to address a large audience in Milwaukee County.

Absolutely. But the political calculus works both ways, obviously. Great to be on a stage with Mother Teresa, but not so great with Attila the Hun. Consider the center on that continuum, and then the fact that Karl Rove resides to a considerable distance Hun-ward.

Ordinary Jill said...

I think Neumann is desperately going after the tea-party crowd, since he's lost Klauser and the pro-business wing of the Republican party to Walker. Cozying up to Rove and the rest of the Faux News pantheon is his only hope.

illusory tenant said...

I saw a bit of Glenn Beck last night, and he was just sitting in the studio all by himself, rambling about some perceived slight or other. He seemed lonely. It can't be that tough to get booked on there.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why so many of the walkerites are making a big deal of Klauser leaving Neumann's campaign. If I were them, I would have pushed him off a long time ago, he's just old baggage.

I don't think that the pro-business community is really behind anyone. If that were the case, Walker would have released a list of business endorsements, not a list of establishment people that he's been courting for four years.

I remember Neumann back in 1998... and while he lost, it was close as well, and from what I recall, he didn't rise in the polls until like September or something.

When was the last time an election in Wisconsin could be called one year out?

illusory tenant said...

Got one right here.

Anonymous said...

completely agree there... but a statewide partisan race has so many more variables and is much more unpredictable.