December 10, 2009

Butler, J., dissents (opinion filed)

Bill Lueders — Justice for Forest Shomberg

Remember him? Because I do.
The defense in this matter was that someone other than the defendant committed these offenses, and that Shomberg was mistakenly identified as the perpetrator. Relying on established scientific research, the expert testimony that he sought to introduce would have addressed factors that have a significant bearing on a witness's ability to identify a stranger, as well as explained how these factors impact the accuracy of a witness's recollection. Notwithstanding the cross-examination of the eyewitnesses and jury instructions, expert testimony would still have assisted the trier of fact. This testimony would certainly have had a tendency to make the existence of each witness's identification of Shomberg as the perpetrator less probable than it would have been without it, and therefore relevant to his innocence.
State v. Forest Shomberg, 2006 WI 9, 72 (Butler, J., dissenting).

"The people of Wisconsin deserve better." — F. James Sensenbrenner

Ol' F. James is not right about much, now is he.


The Sconz said...

That and the Voting Rights Act. He really is a bizarre man.

illusory tenant said...

Speaking of the Voting Rights Act and dissenting opinions, this is a decent read.

Clutch said...

Oh no! Now Judge Patrick Fiedler is pro-criminal too!

illusory tenant said...

Even the government is pro-criminal:

"The State isn't going to retry, since the case against Shomberg is so weak."