October 2, 2010

Wisconsin district attorneys in the news

In this ad from Julie Lassa, the Wisconsin legislator who is seeking the Congressional seat soon to be vacated by the venerable David Obey, Lassa enlists Ashland County assistant district attorney Dan Goglin to offer his views of Sean Duffy, former Ashland County district attorney and MTV reality star and Lassa's Republican opponent:
ADA Dan Goglin: Sean holds himself out as being a successful prosecutor . . . We did not see him often. His campaign was taking him away from the job all the time. Witnesses and victims would have to wait in the hallway for him to come to work. The quality of services that were provided to the citizens of this county suffered.
"Sean Duffy was a no show," a voiceover concludes.

Watch it here (h/t Zach Dubbya).

Duffy was endorsed by another peripatetic politician, Sarah Palin.

Duffy was appointed district attorney of Ashland County by former Republican governor Scott McCallum. Duffy's predecessor was the notorious Michael Gableman, who McCallum appointed a judge in Burnett County. Three justices of the Wisconsin Supreme Court contend that Gableman still has an open ethics case pending against him containing allegations that he willfully lied in his own campaign teevee ad when he was running for the Supreme Court in 2008.

Other Wisconsin district attorneys in the news here and here.*

* From the Department of Material That Writes Itself, that DoJ convention's sessions were held in the Palm Garden Ballroom.

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