September 3, 2011

Facts hard to come by in Supreme Court kerfuffle

A couple of readers have commented as to Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser's height, further to his colleague Mike Gableman's description of Prosser relative to Justice Ann Walsh Bradley: "Gableman believes Justice Bradley is a little bit taller than Justice Prosser."

To wit:
I can say with confidence there is absolutely no way Prosser is 5'9", regardless of how he describes himself. Probably 5'6".
The truth is that Prosser is nowhere near 5'9". I'm 5'8", and he's a lot shorter than I am.
According to Prosser himself:
Detective: How tall are you, sir?
Prosser: Five-nine.
Detective: You're five-nine.
Prosser: Yeah.
For the record (the question is at 1:02:23).*

Don't most people know how tall they are?

* That's an .mp3, so you can download it and put it on your iPod.


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Anonymous said...

For crying out loud, measure the little twit when he's not hunched over and then we have a fact.