September 9, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan's private security force

Is the police:
Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan [R-Galt's Gulch] got the last word in on the senior citizen who disrupted him as the man was pulled from the event by baggy-blazered detectives. "I hope he took his blood pressure medication today," cracked Ryan.


yo said...

There's some really ugly video of an on-duty officer harrassing a citizen, who paid the $15 to attend, for simply asking Ryan a question. Three suits were all over the guy and in his face, just really aggressive, while he tried to be heard. Some real bad actors being used for purely political purposes, not to keep order or enforce the law.

illusory tenant said...

When "Tea Partyers" disrupted town hall meetings throughout the summer of 2009, they were hailed as patriots.

Dennis stone said...

you never , I mean ever seen these signs at teaparty events on the nightly news.I wonder why that is?

Display Name said...

It's the difference between a public event and a private event, no? At a private event, they'd have more leeway in ejecting someone for any reason. The public-paid cops can still justify overseeing a private event because a contentious public official is there. Presto, you get to have your cake and eat it, too.