September 18, 2011

Newspaper lead of the day

By far the biggest beneficiary is Cindy Archer, whose house was raided by the FBI last week. — the MJS's Patrick Marley
Everybody else took a pay cut and had their rights stomped down.

"We're broke," as Scott Walker is fond of saying. Morally, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

Chris Reikert's article in the WSJ on suggests some of her neighbors think well of her, but its difficult to envision an employee who takes a different job with "more duties" (that are not named), and then takes FMLA time under her circumstances would expect that the public will have doubts about the veracity of any claims by her--or more to the point, those above her who have let it happen.

illusory tenant said...

It's amusing that a number of the positions described are in "public relations," whereas much of Walker's and the WISGOP's chicanery is spitting in the public's face.

Display Name said...

I was disappointed by the numbers in the chart in the print version of that story. They misconstrued a 36% pay increase as a 64% increase. Fractions fail.

gnarlytrombone said...

No, that's right, JF: 60,320*.65 = 39,208. A 36% increase would be about $21.7K.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the pay aspect of the Archer story, it appears to me that we need a better way or a bi-partisan way to pay public employees.

The Wall said...

Talk politics with your neighbors, the seemingly nice lady next door may be the monster destroying the tenets of democracy in her day job.

Oddly Walker's "anti college educated madisonian deciding for the reset of the state" campaign direction implemented by a college educated madisonian deciding for the rest of the state.

The lies from the Temporary Walker administration are more and more implausible.

Reject Republicans, Reduce Corporate Influence and Recall Temporary Governor Scott Walker !