September 21, 2011

"Walkergate" — Shots Fired

Thing "carried ... feet first" into completely different thing

This could be entertaining.

Popularly cited election law expert Prof. Richard Esenberg knows Chris Liebenthal wasn't "campaigning" and that Chris is criticizing something entirely different than what he was accused of doing,* but Esenberg doesn't quite make those substantive distinctions clear, now does he.

Sort of like quoting a Wisconsin statute starting from the middle of it.

As for speculation and innuendo, how about Esenberg's pal Charlie Sykes and his tasteless musings over what personal information was redacted from Justice Ann Walsh Bradley's statement to Dane County detectives?

Don't hold your breath waiting for that condemnation of pure innuendo.

* Reading an online newspaper at work, essentially — the horror of it all.


Display Name said...

"Reading" has become darkly suspicious "gathering information" in Esenspeak.

I chuckle at Esenberg's innuendo. He quotes an official confirming that Liebenthal hadn't posted to his blog, then suggests "whether he was posting to his blog or not".

He links to BadgerBlogger's coverage? Oh lordy. Follow the logic. Let's look at what BB is saying today about the Archer news: "Politically Motivated Witch Hunt or Legitimate Use of FBI Resources?" See, it could only be one or the other, and the FBI should have better things to do.

illusory tenant said...

"Reading" has become darkly suspicious "gathering information" in Esenspeak.

Yes, well, they're devoted to reprising the thoroughly unsubstantiated allegations of "extensive political blogging," aren't they. That's obviously what Esenberg is getting at there. And I don't recall rubber-gloved forensics specialists from the Federal Bureau of Investigation visiting Chris's home either. Of course those specialists might not have been needed if J.B. Van Hollen was less occupied with joining a federal lawsuit in Florida at the time.

gnarlytrombone said...

"Reading" has become darkly suspicious "gathering information"

Oh, sweetness. Missed that. Now we know that all the ominous portents about the Era of Kenyan Usurpation creating runaway inflation were correct after all.

Anonymous said...

esenberg wants to be the robert bork of walkergate.