September 1, 2011

Mike Gableman is lying, say justices

And for no purposeful reason whatsoever, it would appear:
"Whether it is Justice Gableman's original version or his new version, his described event simply did not happen," Bradley said. "I did not strike him on the head in 2008, 2009, or ever. Abrahamson [CJ] and Crooks, in a separate statement, also repeated that "no incident as described by Justice Gableman, and no similar incident, ever occurred in our presence."
Wisconsin State Journal — Dee Hall.

More from Patrick Marley in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Justice Ziegler knew nothing of the alleged incident. Gableman's other allies, Justices Prosser and Roggensack, have been silent so far. What are they going to say? Mike Gableman claims they were all present.

Are they going to corroborate Gableman's tale? Seems unlikely now.

And Gableman lied to get on the court in the first place.

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