September 22, 2011

Walker aide Archer removed from fraud commission

Today in damage control.
"This commission is the first step in restoring the people's trust in their government." — Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, 01.04.11
How's that workin' out for ya.

"Sen. Lasee wanted to talk about where the DOT puts flower beds."
Scott Walker’s spokesman [Cullen Werwie] said the executive order creating the commission called for a DOA representative on the panel and Archer is no longer with that agency.
No it didn't.

The order called for "including the Secretary of the Department of Administration or the Secretary’s designee." It didn't say that the Secretary's designee had to be a DOA representative. More evidence Republicans are not the strict constructionists they claim to be. And whomever the designee, they "serve at the pleasure of the Governor."

Clearly the said service was no longer pleasurable.

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