September 23, 2011

Having a little trouble keeping the lies straight

"What is going on?" Heidi Green's email asked. "Why would I interview on August 25th if she* got the job on the 18th???"
More great stuff from Patrick Marley.

* "Embattled" Walker political confidante Cynthia Archer.


Anonymous said...

Great link! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Anonymous said...

"No, Wisconsin has the strongest civil service protection system in the country,..."- Scott Walker

For some reason reading this post and the MJS article this quote came to mind.

illusory tenant said...

I think my favorite Scott Walker quote is "We need to ease our litigation burden in this State."

Anonymous said...

People who might be happy to see the continuing coverage on Archer/John Doe immunity: JGableman and Prosser, who had to be tiring on reading how Gableman can't tell how tall Prosser is, and anyone over at DOT (esp. the memo writer), and Safety and Professional Services who were doing so much to make sure the public heard about "FREE" voter ID cards.