September 19, 2011

Scott Walker was unfit for student government

Courtesy of One Wisconsin Now:

Marquette Tribune, February 24, 1988.

"The Desperado."


Brew City Brawler said...

"Pouty accusations" -- that's still his MO. And he hates protests!

That photo is straight out of central casting for high school d-bag #3 as well.

illusory tenant said...

Business in front, Republican Party in back.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and fun piece. Some things about Walker haven't changed, his hair still has issues, and so does his campaign rhetoric. Now, it would be shallow to critique the mullet or bald spot just to be snide--the 80's high school hair can be overlooked, sort of--but not the high school harry-ness of a Marquette University student body election that apparently carried a lack of forthrightness, a tradition of 'hide the ball' (if not actually bald-face lying if you will) carried into into Nov. 2010. A review of the materials suggests a grandiosity of personality which would seem weird for a younger person (how many 20ish year olds are so concerned about saving the U from 'silly lawsuits'--its almost like he was like a WMC 'mini-me', or trying to suck up to the Administration, which if it were the case, had ironic results--or was he just sucking up to core conservative students for votes, but didn't really care). But then he wasn't pre-law of course....or really pre-degree based on the results.

gnarlytrombone said...

Rick Perlstein would describe him as orthogonal.

Heraldblog said...

I was at MU at the time and remember this incident. Walker was unhinged back then.