September 27, 2011

Walker offers firmest defense of ethical standards

He was an Eagle Scout.

Couple of questions spring immediately to mind:

If Walker doesn't know anything about the secret investigation, then how does he know his campaign treasurer's leaving had nothing to do with it? And how would Walker's spokesman Cullen Werwie be violating the law by telling Walker about something that's in the public record?


Display Name said...

As a fellow Eagle, I look forward to Bice's footwork to find other Scouts who served with Walker, as his variety of weasel must certainly have had a few good pranks played on him, and the stories might be comic in the retelling.

I like the other problem of recursion: if Walker only knows what he reads in the papers, then why does the paper ask him questions?

Mike said...

I'm an eagle scout too. In fact, Walker (when he was our State Rep) was at my court of honor. I've been tempted to go through the Scout Law and point out which parts Walker clearly hasn't followed.

Considering his Politifact score, "a scout is trustworthy" sticks out the most.

Display Name said...

Maybe we need a Facebook group "Eagle Scouts Against Scott Walker."

Anonymous said...

charles whitman was an eagle scout.