September 8, 2011

Fitzwalkerstan politics as usual

State employee fired for telling the truth

Yet Rich in Retail is still gainfully employed? Outrageous.


Display Name said...

Do you see any offensive partisan rhetoric in the text of his email?

illusory tenant said...

Are you asking me whether I think the WISGOP considers the truth to be offensive partisan rhetoric?

Display Name said...

I think someone needs to examine their acceptable use policy regarding bulk all-call emailing, examine whether anyone else has been immediately fired for abusing it, and do an open records request to see what sorts of important pass-along emails have been sent within that department in the past.

CJ said...

To all state employees, appointees and elected officials: Consider yourself on notice.

These dicks will throw anyone who gets in their way or is perceived as a threat under the bus. They are a paranoid bunch of MFs that will do whatever it takes, direct or underhanded, legal or illegal to achieve their goals.

But you knew that. Didn't you?

Mike said...

In the future, state employees should just tip of friendly reporters to what they should search for in an open records request (or slip the docs to people off the record).