June 10, 2011

Local blogger obsessively high-F5'd by Huebschians

I was just checking my Google Analytics stats and noticed that service provider "state of wi dept. of administration" visited here 256 times over the past week. Of course I don't know whether those are friend, foe, or indifferent, but read in conjunction with Dane101's report that a State "emergency response team" is "monitor[ing] protest related activity on social media sites," honestly, it's a little bit of creepy.

And it's 23% more than the 208 visits from service provider "university of wisconsin madison," that notorious hotbed of revolt-fomenting.

Just so you know, I'm not exactly Abbie Hoffman over here.


Steve Byers said...

Weren't republican government folks complainting to the Department of Justice that Democrats in state offices were using their computers for political things like looking at blogs? Oh, wait. Laws and rules and such don't apply to the current regime.

xoff said...

More Lee Weiner, I'd say.