June 10, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court accepts five new cases

But none of them is "Petition of Walker."

WICourts.gov news release.

One is of a part to the ongoing Miranda warning wrangle, however.

Which reminds me, on Monday, Deputy AG Kevin St. John declared that "the Open Meetings Law is not a rule of constitutional law," by way of claiming the requirements of the OML are not explicitly mandated by the Wisconsin constitution. According to the identical reasoning, Mr. St. John might further argue that neither is the Miranda warning "a rule of constitutional law." However, we know that it is indeed a rule of constitutional law because former Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (and formerly of Shorewood, Wisconsin) William Rehnquist told us so in the celebrated Miranda case, 2000's Dickerson v. United States.*

Thus if we apply the reasoning of Dickerson to Walker's predicament, the governor and his Republican friends and counsel don't fare so well.

So in retrospect maybe he/they didn't want to go there.

* This was a pretty good blawg poast, if I do say so meself.

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