June 8, 2011

JRN's Charlie Sykes, Father of Twits

"MikeTateWatch" is the Twitter account of some kook up north who's obsessed with stalking the Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair and devoted to posting his own deranged fantasies on the internets. There is exactly as much truth to the above claim as there was to Charlie Sykes's repeated insistence that the WI Dems were behind JoAnne Kloppenburg's demand for a Statewide recount of the April general election ballots.

That is, none whatsoever. But look to the far-right of the retweeters and see who was the first to spread this falsehood among his wing-nut discipleship: None other than the so-called "blogfather," Charlie Sykes.

Not that it wouldn't be a fine idea, mind you.

And that Mike Gableman gave anybody a lesson in the law, harsh or otherwise, is as ridiculous as law professor to the wing-nuts Rick Esenberg alleging this space's legal knowledge is limited to "horn books."

I happen to be aware of several readers prominent in the Wisconsin legal community who would say and indeed have very kindly said otherwise.

Incidentally, Charlie Sykes has your humble correspondent "blocked" on Twitter, despite my not even "following" him, the poor paranoid sod.

As if I would, although Sykes is probably why they named it "Twit-ter."

Glossary: JRN = Journal Communications, Inc.


Anonymous said...

Gableman will be recalled if and only if he gives the electorate no choice by, for example, invalidating the Walker recall on some pretext. I don't think it helps him for the wingers to be putting the idea "out there", just saying.

Anonymous said...

It would seem reasonable to speculate that J. Gableman will act in his own best interest.

Anonymous said...

Rite-Hite is hiring a new corporate counsel. I wonder what this means about Esenberg's future career plans...