June 13, 2011

ASSGOP leader Jeff Fitzgerald blows it

Successful vote would moot the court case
Republicans: We will add collective bargaining to budget if court doesn't act by TuesdayWisconsin State Journal
If there was any lingering concern that the Wisconsin Supreme Court exercising its supervisory authority over Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi would be, at this point, itself an inappropriate judicial intervention into the affairs of the political branches, Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald just sealed the deal. There ain't no turning back now.

If the court "rules," it looks like just pure Republican politicians.

And isn't voting what Judge Sumi's been telling the Bros. Fitzgerald to do for months? Yes, yes it is. So why didn't the Bros. do it months ago?

They sure could have saved everybody a lot of grief, and expense.


CJ said...

Hey Fitz. Ah,.... no kidding. Pretty much everyone knew that your would do it again.

So nice of you to try to get the Supreme Court to do the dirty work for you so you could make things retroactive. But no. You're just going to have to ram it down Wisconsin taxpayers throats again.

For an administration that continues to talk about how broke this state is and how collective bargaining is unsustainable. you sure know how to tie up the courts and waste dollars on legal challenges.


gnarlytrombone said...

Lacking the wingnut amygdala, I can only speculate that this bizarre "if the court doesn't act" kabuki is supposed to be some sort of face-saving maneuver.

illusory tenant said...

Never a dull moment around here anyway.

Display Name said...

Kabuki throat-ramming? I bet there's some of that if you look.

illusory tenant said...

Yeah I'll pass.

Steve said...

As my grammar school age kids sometimes say "epic fail".

Add "embarrassment" to the end of this post.

All of your opinions you have written regarding act 10 are just that, and you were wrong.

Better luck next time

illusory tenant said...

A 4-3 decision does not mean the three are wrong.