June 14, 2011

Shh! Charlie Sykes and the grown-ups are speaking

Actual "conversation" from Charlie Sykes's Sunday Insight, the weekend morning teevee show that Journal Communications, Inc. foists on unsuspecting Milwaukeeans as allegedly informed political commentary:
Charlie Sykes: What will they [the Wisconsin Supreme Court] do and when will they do it?

Brian Fraley: Because it is imperative, that Judge Sumi gets slapped down. Because she acted without legal precedent, she doesn't have jurisdiction, and it's important that it's determined throughout the State that Dane County judges can't subvert the will of the Wisconsin legislature to follow its own rules and to follow the law. [smug face]

Sykes: What will happen and when will it happen?

Fraley: Uh, it will happen soon and I think that she will be slapped down and I think the law will be enforced.
The vehemence and alacrity with which Brian "Critical Thinking" Fraley speaks of "slapping down" a State judge almost makes you want to petition the DA for an investigation into conspiracy to commit battery. You really have to see it and hear it to believe it. Or not, so stupid is it.

These people have a television show.*

Then Charlie Sykes turns to WPRI "senior fellow" Christian Schneider.
Sykes: What is going to happen?

Schneider: The Supreme Court's gonna vacate her, uh, her, uh, Judge Sumi's ruling and, uh, the law's gonna stand.
Then Sykes says the Supreme Court will vacate the circuit court first thing Monday morning, which was yesterday, and which it didn't, and which chances now are nil, thanks to Sykes's dear friends the WISGOP.

And obviously none of them can explain why the court will do what.

The end.

* Then again, so does this guy.

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Anonymous said...

"slap down" is nothing. on belling's old tv show, jj blonien once said judge franke should be "taken out back and shot" for a sexual predator ruling. belling did not admonish him, at least not on the air.