June 2, 2011

Ron Johnson now scaring grannies and Republicans

"We know what needs to be done to try to get out of a deep hole. First you have to start digging." — Ron Johnson
Via Greg Sargent:
One of the central questions in the argument over Paul Ryan's Medicare plan is whether it's a "voucher" plan. Republicans have angrily rejected this claim. In this context, it's interesting to see that Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson is also describing Ryancare as a "voucher" plan to the edit board of the Appleton Post-Crescent.
h/t gnarlytrombone.

Sargent keeps referring to RoJo as a "Tea Party Senator," despite the fact the Tea Party laughed him out of the building nearly a year ago.


Jeremy R. Shown said...

Only pundits from outside WI think RoJo is a "tea party" senator.

WRT the v-word. I predict sooner or later it will lose its shock-value.

After all, the current Medicare system is a voucher that covers care regardless of how fast medical costs rise. The Ryan plan is a voucher tied to general inflation. The long-run sustainable solution is probably somewhere in between.

I realize this post was pointed at RoJo, sorry this comment got all policy-ish.

illusory tenant said...

Not at all. I think you're correct.

Free Lunch said...

RoJo, like Paul Ryan, is profoundly confused about what Jesus taught and what Ayn Rand taught.

He seems to think that you can serve Mammon while claiming to serve God and the right-wing religious folks in Wisconsin seem to think that his stance against what Jesus taught is just fine so far.

Free Lunch said...


We do need to fix medical costs in this country, but we cannot forget that our government per capita spending on health care is roughly the same as per capita spending on health care by other developed nations. They manage to get a fully funded system for the money they spend. We get an overpriced failure. Until we deal with the real problem -- medical costs that are out of control -- nothing will be fixed.