June 25, 2011

Your conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court

Wisconsin Manufacturers o' Jurisdiction

Just in case you're keeping score, of the four Wisconsin Supreme Court justices who determined that Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi exceeded her judicial authority,* we have one, Annette Ziegler, who copped to numerous ethical violations and was publicly reprimanded for same, another, Mike Gableman, who committed ethical violations and defied and fought the matter all the way back up to the Supreme Court (where his three conservative colleagues supported his "free speech" defense), and now yet another, David Prosser, who is facing what appear to be very serious allegations of having committed battery, and not just any battery, but battery to a sitting Supreme Court justice.

Mike Gableman's ethical violations (a.k.a. lying) were also in service of targeting a sitting Supreme Court justice and all three were sitting as State judges at the moments of their real and alleged performances.

Ladies and gentlemen, your heroically "conservative" Supreme Court. And this is the same court that is charged with ensuring the ethical behavior and education of Wisconsin's attorneys. Seems a bit ridiculous doesn't it.

* For the crime of following the Wisconsin legislature's black letter law. Scapegoating, is the word for what the conservatives did to Judge Sumi.


Mike said...

Prosser is being accused of battery against a woman and Wisconsin judge. I give him two weeks max if these allegations are close to true.

OneidaHeights said...

Good to have you back. We need you.

illusory tenant said...

Kind of you to say so. Almost as good as vacation.

Dan said...

Umm, of course this is not true as it now appears that Bradley was the bitch on attack.
Sorry it didn't end up your way.

illusory tenant said...

Bradley was the bitch on attack.

Who told you that, Gableman?

Anonymous said...

Dan--Just like your pal Dad29, fearful of strong, independent women, your use of a derogatory term to describe Bradley says much about your character.