June 6, 2011

Club for Grothman files complaint against Sumi

Reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

It would be nice if the Journal-Sentinel reported Sumi was ordered to submit the legal brief the Club for Grothman is complaining about.

(The link is to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's calumnist Patrick McIlheran flat-out lying about Judge Maryann Sumi's decision and order.)

It's a ridiculous complaint filed by ridiculous people, going nowhere.

Here's another one:

Barca's attorney says GOP intended to break meetings law

But Robert Jambois said no such thing. In fact the trial court's record showed that the Republicans in the legislature tried to cut the Open Meetings Law requirement of two hours notice as close to the bone as possible. Which is actually worse, because it demonstrates that the Republicans knew they had to provide a minimum of two hours notice and then they screwed up big time. The rest is post hoc rationalization.

Read the (non-wingnut) blogs, not the paper.


gnarlytrombone said...

Robert Jambois said no such thing

Indeed. What he said was that Senate and Assembly leaders could have scheduled the committee meeting for the next day, but "wanted to avoid the public uproar associated with enacting this legislation."

illusory tenant said...

Which is what the body of the J-S post reports. The headline is invented from whole cloth.

gnarlytrombone said...

The lede is just as bad: [att'y said] Republicans deliberately intended to skirt the state's open meetings law."

I'm sympathetic because a marathon like that is a beast to report on deadline, and Jambois' rapid-fire delivery is hard to stenograph. But goddammit, this one is important. A bit of preparation might have been in order.

illusory tenant said...

Yes yes and yes.