June 2, 2011

We could lose Alberta Darling, wherever she is


Sounds like Republican Sen. Dan "Stone Chip" Kapanke's lost her already.

I was by the Alberta Darling HQ in Glendale the other day, where tables were laid with supplies for volunteers (clipboards, etc.) in Sendik's bags. I have nothing against Sendik's, which is a local chain of high-end grocery stores, but those bags are usually full of foie gras and imported cheese.

So the next time you hear "liberal elites," you may point and laugh.

By the way, Alberta Darling was on Charlie Sykes's Sunday morning teevee show a couple of weeks ago (guest host: Jeff Wagner) and said that concerns over restricting the First Amendment right to vote were simply "much ado about nothing." The First Amendment is "nothing."

Republican Sen. Alberta Darling actually said that. She did.



Anonymous said...

What a lousy and pointless post. Maybe we should bribe other bloggers to slur you so you come up with something useful.

Or at least entertaining.

illusory tenant said...

Don't read it then. Nobody's twisting your arm.

Blake said...

The post seemed de-loused and pointful to me.

Mike said...

Friends and I collected signatures against Alberta for six weeks or so in Shorewood and Glendale. It was a hard slog and anyone who was out there would never say it is easy to get 30,000 signatures (what we filed in her district). I'm glad the wingers did theirs as well, they know.

Election day April 5 was the best, we got over 100 signatures and had to take a fair amount of crap. We weren't there to engage ("Focus!", our leaders said), but a couple guys finally provoked me. "You're such a big right-winger", I said, "Why don't you take a day off and do what I'm doing for your guys?". They won't do it though.

illusory tenant said...

Great stuff.

flynn said...

Sendik's doesn't have foie gras; I've looked.