June 13, 2011

Journal-Sentinel encouraged by Walker budget

Even as, the Journal Communications, Inc. daily organ admits, 'the burden of this budget will most likely fall heaviest on children, workers, poor women, and municipalities.' Meanwhile the Journal-Sentinel reports that "what will happen with the collective bargaining measure is still unknown." But yesterday Journal-Communications, Inc. marquee wing-nut Charlie Sykes told his ironic and non-ironic viewers — assuming Charlie Sykes even has any of the latter viewers — that the Wisconsin Supreme Court will exercise its supervisory power over Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi this morning.* Which would be great timing because Secretary of Capitol Building Maintenance Supervision Mike Huebsch says there will be thousands of protesters in Madison today.

But obviously Charlie Sykes has no idea why the high court would so act.

* The Supreme Court announced on Friday that it will release one opinion tomorrow, June 14, but it isn't "In re Petition of Scott Walker" either.

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