June 13, 2011

How much did the Kloppenburg recount cost again?

Because this WISGOP dishonesty is setting the State back $428K.

Where's all yer big fauxtrage at now, WISGOP?


Ron R said...

And the Kloppenflopper recount caused this how? How much did the Kloppenflopper recount cost again?

illusory tenant said...

Didn't say it caused it, I said WISGOP was complaining about the expense of the recount now here they are racking up $400K in committed costs for a buffoon convention. I haven't seen a final figure on the recount. I'll go with $600-700K. Unless Huebsch gets a hold of it then it'll be 9,000 brajillion. By the way I was no fan of the "Kloppenflopper" recount.