June 28, 2011

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, relative giantess

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, shown with two representative members of family Hominidae for physiometric purposes. Reportedly right-wing commentators, led by alleged law professor Ann Althouse and Milwaukee radio belligerent Charlie Sykes, are engaged in proposing an alternate theory to Justice Bradley's allegations against Justice David Prosser, that the latter is a frail, elderly man and the former an imposing, aggressive threatenor. Of course it's ridiculous, but what do you expect from them.

h/t Anonymous 8:46 A.M. (Welcome Firedoglake readers!).


Brew city brawler said...

JSonline story, perhaps picking up on Wagner/Sykes Attack of the 50 Foot Woman elder abuse scenario, today helpfully noted both parties are of "slight stature." Wagner yesterday described Prosser as being 5'5ish and 130 lbs, making him, what, a size 4?

Anonymous said...

Can't we just act like big boys and girls?

illusory tenant said...

Are you kidding? They have to get elected.