April 3, 2009

Shorter Iowa Supreme Court

"Sixty-nine pages of blather" — Ed Whelan

Compelling! (And after all, Mr. Ed "I find it difficult to make sense" Whelan is the conservative blogger's numero uno legal resource.)

The bottom line: If religion is to be subject to heightened equal protection scrutiny (which it is) then so should sexual orientation.

It's hardly "blather." Even Ted Haggard could convert to Hasidic Judaism easier than he could shake off The Gay. Good for Iowa, and good for the conservative Republican who authored the court's unanimous opinion in Varnum v. Brien (.pdf; 69 pgs. of blather).

On teh web: The Recess Supervisor canvasses Freeper Island.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous twit offers far more valuable insight.

illusory tenant said...

I admit, I had to look that one up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my.

[H]ow did the judges figure this stuff out, especially given that it took more than a century before anyone noticed the Iowa constitution contained this requirement?

Anonymous said...

Say what? From the same author:

cultural conservatives are going to be just as angry about this kind of thing as liberals were (are) about Bush v. Gore. And both have equally good reason to be

Is Campos known in legal circles for this kind of bulls...iconoclasm?