April 22, 2009

Madness! Hubris! Wanking!

The homosexual lobby has been trying to force same-sex "marriage" on us precisely to attempt to force the rest of us to affirm as "good" something which is inherently evil: a relationship built on sexual misbehavior, in this case sodomy or mutual masturbation. This is what this is about.
Now you know.


Anonymous said...

You never know where two clicks will take you.

"No, goddammit, I said mortification of the flesh!

Display Name said...

My old neighborhood! Walked past the place a million times.

Six guys in a house? Ah, there's your Catholic ambiance.

I learned a trick in college: soak a towel with vinegar and wave it in the air in every room. That'll clear out the ambiance before the visitors arrive.