April 30, 2009

America: All is lost

When the United States Supreme Court goes from 22% Democratic appointees to 33% Democratic appointees, it's game over.

Might as well just unlock all the prisons right now.

And how come we've not heard a peep about either Gerard E. Lynch or Andre M. Davis? Obama nominated them both to the circuit courts of appeal in early April. Didn't judges used to be important?

They were when Terri Schiavo was on life support.

Remember? Tom DeLay couldn't locate one single activist judge in the land, so he was going to burn down a courthouse, or something.

Obama's first nominee to the Seventh Circuit, David F. Hamilton, appeared at his second Senate hearing yesterday. But only one Republican bothered to turn up, albeit the craziest one.

And even he behaved like he was under heavy sedation.

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