April 14, 2009

City council's Dada gesture

The Milwaukee city council, a movement of conceptual artists:
The council voted 12-2 to approve the final design of a series of installations on five light poles that will include flip signs reminiscent of old railroad station destination signs.
Except that the "final design" hasn't even been submitted yet, so none of them could know what it is they're approving.

Or not approving:
Ald. Robert Donovan said he'd be more inclined to vote for the Milwaukee art project if it were a statue of Ernie Banks.
How about Brett Favre in a Jets uniform.


Anonymous said...

Discussion was brief and civil. Alderman Willie C. Wade who was originally opposed to the project said he enjoyed the controversy.

"This has expanded me a bit," he said.

illusory tenant said...

"Ald. Terry Witkowski said he'd never seen a committee room so full on a subject not related to taverns."

Scratch that:

"Maybe we should all get together and toast Janet Zweig somewhere after work."

grumps said...

I heard that the final design looks like a big blue shirt.