April 7, 2009

Another gay "argument" bites the dust

It ain't just activist courts. It's activist legislatures too.
(Acting in spite of activist executives.)
Now the DOMA can go the way of Newt Gingrich's second marriage.


ProngedHeat said...

None of the other brands can beat Catholicism: wild eyed bungholery on Saturday night--redemption and a clean slate on Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

Gah. I've been Borked.

Homosexual marriage would prove harmful to individuals in other ways as well...Attempted suicide rates, even in countries that are homosexual-friendly, are three to four times as high...

Though it is frequently asserted by activists that high levels of internal distress...are caused by social disapproval, psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover has shown that no studies support this theory."

Of course Satinover would know...because he can see into the mothereffing future.