April 9, 2009

Gay homofascists at it again

Chris Liebenthal explains.

Needless to say, Marquette University's resident paranoia-monger figures prominently in this tale of brutal Christian persecution and Western civilization in decline. Got to admit, though, McIlheran's headline is a classic of the genre:

OK, I'll affirm you doing something that I actually think will lead to your eternal destruction. Whatever.

Because, you know, counseling mostly involves "affirming" behavior.

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Clutch said...

Marquette University's resident paranoia-monger...

And resident embarrassment, I cannot help but think.

Last week I submitted a comment at McAdams' site regarding a post that embedded a video, in which a British MEP tore a strip off Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The essence of the speaker's criticism was this: As the man long in charge of the nation's finances, Brown hadn't done enough during the economic good times to prepare against the current bad times.

McAdams' take was this: "The key question: is anything that is said here not equally applicable to Barack Obama?"

I pointed out (as politely as one briefly could) that this rather remarkable interpretation could hardly inspire confidence in his political perceptiveness and judgment on the part of his students and colleagues.

The comment never saw the light of day. If only I were a Christian, that would surely be an instance of Christian persecution...