April 24, 2009

Satan wants you to pull out

Just in case you haven't been following the discussion of same-sex marriage at the Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog, here is some of the very latest in "natural law" assertion wisdom:
Our country’s entire legal system is based on religious beliefs.
Some people absolutely refuse to acknowledge that ethics exist independently from supernaturalism.
I don’t recall [Jesus] condemning moving property line markers either.
Must be an early version of the Implied Preemption Doctrine.
Contraceptive sexual relations (even within marriage) ... [are an] affront to the inherent dignity of Man ...
You have to be pretty hardcore to condemn the rhythm method.
The idea that people have a "right" to engage in any sexual activity in private is a legal and social fiction of extremely recent vintage.
So much for "natural law." As far as I can tell, homosexuality is perfectly natural in the sense that it's a fairly regular feature of nature. That it may be uncommon doesn't make it unnatural.

If this guy would just accept that and move on, then maybe he could overcome his apparently obsessive fixation with its mechanics.

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Display Name said...

This fellow is hilarious. There's a zinger in almost every paragraph if not every sentence. He sure knows alot about teh gayz:

"I do note that there is an interesting correlation between homosexual inclination and certain forms of talent which certainly benefit society."

"If you think there will be no coercion, then you are very naïve."

And clearly about religion, too:

"Honoring the intent of people acting 150-plus years ago on an improper and factually erroneous rationale is madness.”

illusory tenant said...

Yes, I liked the little shout-out to his hairdresser.

Cory Liebmann said...

no that shout out was to me...i'm his interior designer. poor thing has no sense of style.

Anonymous said...

And to think, I could have invested all that time wasted watching Two and a Half Men in thinking about "perversion of the generative faculties."

Display Name said...

Giving a whole new meaning to "faculty mixer".

illusory tenant said...

Mr. Liebmann authors the popular blog "Eye On Wisconsin" as well as the lesser-known "Window Treatments And Such."

Display Name said...

Abp. Dolan dives into the catechism in our DNA.