April 24, 2009

Animal husbandry, with Pat Buchanan

Some interesting etymology/usage.* It's not exactly a surprise, however, coming from Patrick J. Buchanan. Which is why this is the best comment in the TPM thread:
Is Pat wearing Fendi-style (possibly D&G) eyeglass frames in the frontpage pic? Dawg looks bangin'.
Fendi-rockin' Pat's "blood and soil" reference is noteworthy too. Since Buchanan is lately an MSNBC regular, this must be another example of that liberal fascism all the kids are talking about nowadays.

* Next time you need a dictionary definition, swab your cheek.


Anonymous said...

Pat's "blood and soil" referenceMerde, I thought you were kidding. I don't know why I thought that, but still.

Somewhat relatedly, I noticed today that a BGM-sporting Steve Sailer popped up at librul bastion TPM Cafe. Strange.

Anonymous said...

eleanor clift will fix his wagon.