April 23, 2009

Bill Nye the Biblically Incorrect Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy, speaking in Waco, TX, once had the temerity to suggest that our Moon is a reflective accretion of minerals and not a "lesser light," as the team of Deutero-astrophysicists that compiled the Book of Genesis instruct us:
At this point, several people in the audience stormed out, including a woman with three small children who shouted, "We believe in God!" and left.
Teach your children well, lady.

Speaking of Biblical incorrectness, I'm given to understand that "Miss California" (hardly anybody seems to care enough to use her real name) recently defended her studied views on same-sex marriage by claiming they were informed by "Biblical correctness."

"I knew there were secular judges, but I felt I needed to express my passion for the Lord," Ms. Cali said later.

For this unwavering statement of devotion, she was applauded by the Family Values™ contingent, who otherwise remained silent as to the "Biblical correctness" of the spectacle of a nearly completely naked woman* parading salaciously around a stage before millions of teevee viewers (and millions more, thanks to the endless loop now appearing on Uncle Bill O'Reilly's Christmas Factor for Kidz and elsewhere).

Isn't that what they usually call Cafeteria Christianity?

* Not that I'm complaining or anything.


Anonymous said...

"Dude. She’s one of us."

Ian said...

The Bible permits prostitution, polygamy, sex with slaves, concubinage, treatment of women as property...but public nudity? Not so much.

Display Name said...

There's even a web site about the head coverings in 1 Corinthians 11.