February 6, 2008

Pewaukee's winger shindig

This weekend's conservative love-in at Pewaukee, among its featured assortment of reliable right-wingers, advertises as an invited speaker Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, arguably one of the fruitiest nuts — if not a nuttiest fruit — in American politics.

While there are any number of Coburn entertainments to be found throughout the internets, including Coburn's demand for his own lethal injection, since he's advocated the death penalty for abortion providers despite having provided them himself, a couple of gems are reported in this American Prospect article from 2005.

Following a discussion of Coburn's revelations of rampant lesbianism in Oklahoma high school bathrooms, there is this:
At the end of January, Coburn, who has landed on the Senate Judiciary Committee (where nobody cares how many people go to the bathroom at once), was talking about class-action lawsuits and the silicon-breast implants that occasioned a few of them. This, according to The Washington Post, is what he said:

"And I thought I would share with you what science says today about silicone-breast implants. If you have them, you're healthier than if you don't. That is what the ultimate science shows."
Torts reform, teats reform, whatever.

Coburn's devotion to "ultimate science" continues here, with a thorough evisceration of the Junior Senator's opposition to naming an OK post office after Rachel Carson, author of The Silent Spring.

Finally, at Salon.com, a disturbing account of Dr. Coburn's having sterilized a 20-year-old woman in 1990, allegedly without her consent.

All of this is in addition to Coburn's hysterical claim that "the gay agenda," which "wields extreme power," is "the greatest threat to our freedom we face today." Al-Qaeda is a gay front group, apparently. And doubtless those rampant teenage lesbians are right there with them, destroying America one high school washroom stall at a time.

Talk about a wide stance.

While Coburn was invited to the love-fest, he isn't listed on its own non-gay agenda, so maybe Coburn was either too batshit wacky even for the "summit," or vice versa. But they did manage to secure Burnett County Judge Michael Gableman and local blogger Owen Robinson, whose presentation is reported to consist of holding up Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel clippings and remarking, "Interesting!"

Another local blogger, Mike Mathias, also received an invitation to speak, except Saturday's the day he sets aside for rearranging his sock drawer.

eta: It's called the DAD summit and admission is $29. Hmm.

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