February 8, 2008

Mitt out you

Like many Americans, I was both dumbfounded and speechless at Mitt Romney's idiotic and internally contradictory message to a gathering of alternately disenchanted and vocally disgruntled conservative Republicans yesterday.

Fortunately for the speechless, there is Jon Stewart.

That is the best Johnny Carson impression, by the way.

And, as Dana Milbank observed, Mr. Romney doesn't really believe the appeal to Democratic terrorism he claims is the reason he's "suspended" his presidential bid. That's because it would be embarrassing to tell the truth, which is simply that Mrs. Mitt Romney ordered him to stop pissing away all that dough.

After all, "strong families" was one of the three legs on Mitt's "campaign stool." Come to think of it, Romney's CPAC speech was a freestanding and fragrant campaign stool all of its own accord.

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