February 29, 2008

Community Sarcasm

Found on the website of Madison's Capital Times, beneath a story about the campaign watchdog warnings discussed here and here:
Mr. Gableman did nothing illegal in getting his judicial appointment. If he was smart enough to legally bribe then-Gov. McCallum into giving him an appointment to the bench using 'campaign fundraising' then it is his right to do so. As long as the process for a governor to appoint people is the way it is then people will continue to bribe their way onto the bench.

However, Judge Butler's decision to give a criminal rights is appalling. Everyone knows that the Constitution only applies to citizens and not criminals. He should be making sure that anyone convicted of a crime suffers as much as the system can allow and if their 'rights' are infringed on then tough luck. Next time maybe they will have enough money to hire a real lawyer and not get convicted in the first place.
At least I hope it's sarcasm.

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Emily said...

I don't know. As inclined as I am toward giving people, on the whole, the benefit of the doubt, I see ridiculous comments like this cropping up far too often to all be written off as sarcasm.

I think we're all in dire need of some Con Law 101, or even just a basic civics course.