February 21, 2008

Gableman campaign funnies

Two fascinatingly disparate items appeared in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel recently, one by reporter Stacy Forster (me and Stacy go way back; we both used to hang in internet chatrooms during judicial candidate debates omg *lulz*) and the other by intrepid columnist Dan Bice.

The first item reports that the campaign of Burnett County Judge Michael Gableman has formulated its own "clean campaign pledge," which it's apparently asked Gableman's rival, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, to sign.

One of the pledge elements is framed thusly:
Ensure the integrity of claims made by our campaigns by providing supporting evidence.
Meanwhile, in Bice's column, Gableman lieutenant Darrin Schmitz is quoted as saying, by way of commenting on a television ad produced by a third-party interest group, "Louis Butler sent his liberal, special interest friends to do his dirty work for him."

As for "providing supporting evidence," obviously there is zero to be found, so I expect it will be pretty hard to come by. This Darrin Schmitz fella sounds like a real piece of work his own self. Good thing the J-S has us bloggers to knit the puzzle together though, ain'a?

For free! No attribution necessary.

Also, more laughs here: "I do not own any sweater vests."


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Anonymous said...

It’s mind-boggling the stuff these guys try to pull. Writing and signing your own clean campaign pledge is like making your own New Year’s resolution, and we all know how well those turn out. Though most people can at least last until Jan. 2nd before failing. These guys didn’t even last a day. Unbelievable!

illusory tenant said...

No kidding. Supporting evidence, it's sometimes a great notion. Maybe that's why "trial lawyer" is a pejorative.

capper said...

I wonder if these guys have a thing for spiral notebooks...

illusory tenant said...

Please, for the love of god, I beg of you, if you're going to tell that story, tell it at your own website.

capper said...


You know it's gotta be a good story if it's got you begging off in the name of God.