February 16, 2008

Touching his hem and haw haw

Brazen Maverick, who was well-deservedly propped here earlier, has a nice comment this morning about a comical thread presided over by our good pal Rick Esenberg of Marquette University Law School.

Check out the B. Maverick's observations and then follow his link to the Sharkian chuckle-fest, which also features Esenberg's frequent nemesis, esteemed counsel Mike Plaisted and, as a special bonus, the return of the effectively talented Seth Zlotocha. Hilarity ensues.

Burger King Conservatives: "Have It Both Ways!"


Sam Sarver said...

B. Maverick - that could be my new, hip-hop name. Heh.

Thanks again for the plug.

illusory tenant said...

Or B. Mav, or Mavvy B.

Also, I can't help wondering, given his other academic interests and views, what does Esenberg find more "dangerous," politics as religion or religion as politics. I have a sneaking suspicion he sees the latter as positively innocuous by comparison.