February 16, 2008

Irreligious not mass murderers: blogger

In a feat of inductive logic unparalleled in modern times, blogger Dad29 of Brookfield, WI, today declared that many irreligious people are "not mass murderers." Relying on a third-hand account of some other blogger who heard a conservative radio talk show host say something about a recent string of school shootings, Dad29 likewise concluded that religious beliefs are "good for one's mental health."

The conservative talk show host, upon whose precise observations Dad29's rigorous inferences are ultimately based, determined that the shooters were irreligious because he couldn't find any news reports that mentioned the shooters' religion. Therefore, they must have been irreligious by false dichotomy, the talk show host reportedly said, according to the other internet source.

While the other blogger, who proposed the intermediate chain of premises from which Dad29's conclusions are also derived, admitted he had not "really compiled this information" himself, he did concede to "seeming to recall" that he "thought" one of the shooters may have been "Islamic." Additionally, Dad29 concluded that some religious people are mass murderers.

However, it's unclear whether the latter derivation is a reference to the school shootings or to heretical Catholic liturgists.


capper said...

While not a mass shooter, McVeigh was definitely a mass murderer, a terrorist, and a Christian.

And in Daddio's world, does that mean we should start racial profiling on white, conservative, Christian men?

illusory tenant said...

Hey, I occasionally venture into Daddio's world for sourdough bread and free wine tastings at Brennan's. Also, I got a set of Ping irons at Second Swing for $150.

Dad29 said...

does that mean we should start racial profiling on white, conservative, Christian men?

Already been done, Capper. You remember the DC shootings--the ones ascribed by FBI "profilers" to a 'southern white male w/anger problems'?

And you recall the actualities? Two black males who were playing Muslim?

capper said...

Sorry, Dad, but we have to do it with the same intensity that the current situation calls for whenever there is a person with even a vaguely Arabic-sounding or Spanish name.

Then you would have it pinned correctly.