February 5, 2008

Back atcha, James Rowen

Jane Hampden's series on Milwaukee Public Radio about local bloggers continued yesterday by featuring an interview with James Rowen, who maintains the most excellent, informative, and thought-provoking The Political Environment.

Rowen's journalistic and political résumé indicates that he's "been everywhere, man," as Johnny Cash happens to be putting it on my iPod at the moment. Mr. Rowen was also kind enough to mention your humble correspondent when asked to name a few of his blogosphere recommendations. "A lot of people have cited that blog," replied Ms. Hampden, "that mysterious blog." But I haven't heard from her yet, despite what I've been told is my sexy radio voice.

Additionally, Mr. Rowen's son is currently running for an aldermanic seat in Milwaukee's 3rd District. That election takes place on February 19, the day of Wisconsin's presidential primary. Given that the Democratic nominee appears unlikely to shake out today, the 19th could be a momentous day nationally, and here's hoping a big turn-out favors Sam McGovern-Rowen.

Yes, that George McGovern; Sam is George's grandson, and the eldest McGovern will be in town next Tuesday. I'm a bit too young to remember Senator McGovern's own bid for the presidency, my impressions of the man coming initially from Hunter S. Thompson's masterwork, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, but I'm not as young as James Rowen thinks I am either!

The Other Side shares a nifty George McGovern reminiscence here.


Display Name said...

Ah, the sword of anonymity has two edges. Who will stand up to WisOpinion.com, who refuses to publicize links from anonymous blogs? Take heart, though, they don't accept links from political performance art, either, as they passed on my parody blogs.

illusory tenant said...

Even in their general listings? That ain't right. I don't see what difference it makes to the content itself whether an author signs his real name or a pseudonym.

Remember Publius, a.k.a. Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison? Seems to me they made a few worthwhile observations, despite the anonymity.

Hell, one of the best law-focused blogs on the whole intarwebs is authored by a guy who calls himself Genghis Hitler.

(Which is especially hilarious because he happens to be a gentleman and a scholar.)

James Rowen said...

Hey, thanks very much, Mr. IT.
And isn't it nice that IT stands for something beyond Information Techology?

capper said...

Gee, now I'm really jealous. You get too mentions, I get nothing. Not even my own mentor mentioned me.

It is lonely to be the king.

Jay Bullock said...

Capper, 'deed I did mention all the great work my co-bloggers do. Jane didn't ask me who my favorites were, and, since I was first, I didn't know we were supposed to be name-checking everyone.

Besides, I didn't get your fruit basket until after the taping.