February 18, 2008

Straws grasped, "hint of bias" revealed

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist Dan Bice reports that Sally Basting, the wife of Tom Basting, contributed the sum of one Ben Franklin to the campaign of Wisconsin Supreme Justice Louis Butler.

Mr. Basting is the chair of the WJCIC, a committee formed to monitor election advertising during the challenge to Justice Butler's incumbency (including Butler's advertising, by the way).

The Butler contribution, which Bice refers to as a "curious matter" from which he somehow infers a "hint of bias," was addressed by Mr. Basting by pointing out that his wife is a separate and discrete human being with no connection to the WJCIC.

What Bice fails to mention is that Sally Basting also made $100 contributions to the political campaigns of Justice Patience Roggensack, one of the court's "traditionalist" members, as well as to Diane Sykes, the former State Justice since appointed by George W. Bush to the federal 7th Circuit (so did Tom Basting, incidentally).

How's that for a curious matter and a hint of bias.

Needless to say, Bice's groundbreaking reportage has provoked consternation in the conservative blogosphere, where Owen Robinson, as if on cue, portrays the item with his trademark all-purpose adjective "Interesting," and then goes on to attempt an absurdly baseless comparison with the various ethical quandaries of Justice Annette Kingsland Ziegler. Nice try, Owen.

In other breaking developments, Mary Matalin and James Carville celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in November.

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capper said...

Hey, now wait here a second, young man. Are you trying to say that the local media has a conservative bias and a conservative agenda? Why, that's just silly!

Cuz, if that were true, well, then, Whallah!, there'd be a whole site to just show that happening.