February 1, 2008

Suhr spanked. Hard. Again.

Remember Daniel Suhr, the would-be GOP operative whose laughably dishonest attempts at scholarship were debunked right here? Sure you do. Doubtless young Daniel is favoring his tender posterior following on its latest unequivocal reaming. A daintier sample:
You and others attacking Justice Butler apparently want a right-wing automaton; someone who will automatically side with the police or the prosecutor regardless of the facts or the law. While I doubt that Judge Gableman would go that far, one wouldn’t know given the misleading propaganda attacking Justice Butler.
Ouchies. Read it all. Can't say he wasn't asking for it.

Comes GOP3 colleague Brian's devastating retort:
I try not to bore myself first with reading long liberal rants about the living constitution and second almost anything out of the mouth of lawyers.

I’ll leave Daniel to respond to inane thoughts about the law.
I'll admit D. Suhr, Esq. is uniquely qualified to dispense those.

[Please visit the iT Butler/Gableman archive.]

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