February 14, 2008

New Milwaukee blog

Brazen Maverick, under the proprietorship of a Marquette law student with degrees in political science and philosophy (my kinda guy). I don't know the fellow, but he was kind enough to add your humble correspondent to his blogroll, which means he's aight.

Check him out (but prepare for a shock to your rods and cones).

I would have had the same double major myself, but I tried to squeeze that last philosophy course into my final semester, giving me an 18-credit load leading to a superfluous 126-credit total.

And I would have stuck it out, except the course was "The Medieval Problem of Universals," and so I ended up withdrawing just under the withdrawal wire (which left about three decidedly masochistic students in the class, if I recall correctly).

Masochistic on account of the material and not the instructor, I hasten to add. I'd had Prof. Mondadori for a previous course, and he was remarkably brilliant and hugely entertaining, not least for his frequent references to René Descartes as "that poor sod."

Anybody up for some severe brain-hurt,* get Five Texts on the Medieval Problem of Universals, Paul Vincent Spade, ed. (Hackett). Ouch. Comparatively, reading Spinoza is like reading Danielle Steele.

* Less so if you're already schooled in Aristotle, which I'm not.


Sam Sarver said...


Thank you for the generous plug.

As for the Poli Sci/Philosophy double major, I came within a hair's breadth of going for a Ph.D. in Philosophy and becoming a professor. Still don't know what exactly changed my mind...

At any rate, I'd say I'd love to meet you, but your anonymity makes that rather unlikely, since I wouldn't know it if I did meet you. I myself am perhaps being unwise by not hiding behind an alias. This is particularly true, (1) because I'm only a lowly 1L, and (2) Prof. Esenberg is my Civil Procedure professor!

In any case, thanks again.

illusory tenant said...

Still don't know what exactly changed my mind...

My ethics professor at UWM, by way of lamenting the general lack of financial incentives in pursuing a career in philosophy, remarked that, on the other hand, thanks to the burgeoning field of biotechnology, there's a good living to be made in ethics, "if you don't care where the money's coming from."

Good luck with 1L hell!