February 4, 2008

A Roger Goodell Joint

An informal straw poll, conducted yesterday in the city of Glendale, WI, among my friends, colleagues, and disciples, leads me to believe that most of them are today pleased with the New York Giants' Super Bowl win. My own favoring of the NYG was informed by their desire to avenge the narrow loss to the Patriots in Week 17 and a general sympathy toward the underdog in all things sporting.

Tom Petty was a safe choice for the halftime show, beleaguered as the NFL has been with abominations such as Justin Timberlake's grasping at Janet Jackson's nipple and Up With People. I'm not much of a fan, and consider it remarkable when his efforts rise to the level of rock 'n' roll competency.* But I wished he'd played that song of his about taking massive hits off the bong or rolling another spliff or something. It's always been my favorite.

That may not have gone over real well with Commissioner Goodell, but I bet a lot of the players would have dug it too.

* Is that an album title or what.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that's over. It was like trying to choose a favorite as between Josef Mengele and Pol Pot.

I surely had no love for Randy Moss, Tom Brady or Cheatin' Bill. My grudging support for NE stemmed in part from wanting to see Junior Seau get a ring after laboring so brilliantly for some largely awful teams in San Diego and Miami.

Most of all, I wanted someone -- ANYONE -- to shut up that gaggle of profoundly annoying bags of douche collectively known as the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Now those clowns will be sounding off to any idiot with a microphone until every last one of them is dead.

illusory tenant said...

In the event "profoundly annoying bags of douche" turns up at this blog or in conversation at one of my frequent cocktail parties, consider the present comment an advance notification of defense based in Fair Use Doctrine.

Anonymous said...

Honestly: anyone out there truly believe, after compelling proof that it takes a highly competent defense to beat NE, that the Packers would have stood a chance?